Another silent soldier has appeared as part of the Royal British Legion’s campaign to remember those who served in the First World War 100 years ago.

The silhouette figure has been installed at the entrance to the town’s Comrades Club on behalf of the local Legion branch. The club, originally known as the Comrades of the Great War Club, was founded after the four-year conflict ended in November, 1918.

Bob McBride, Ellesmere Legion branch president, said:“As we prepare to mark the centenary of the Armistice in November, we need to remember the bravery and sacrifice of so many local men and women who served their country in the Great War. We thought it would be particularly fitting to have a Silent Soldier standing sentinel at the entrance to the Comrades Club, which brought together those who survived the war who went on to ensure that their fallen comrades would never be forgotten.”

The Legion is asking groups and individuals to sponsor the metal or polymer figures in public places, gardens homes and offices. The nationwide campaign is a ‘thank you’ to those who died in the war and as well as those who returned home ‘silently’ and laid the foundations of the society and freedoms enjoyed in Britain today.