Work has already started to ensure next year's Oswestry Show tops this year's record-breaking event.

More than 16,000 people took advantage of the fine weather to attend the one-day event at the sun-drenched Showground.

Show president Neil Brogden was delighted to see many people turn up.

"It was wonderful to see so many people here enjoying themselves," he said.

"The density of the crowd was wonderful – I was at the Showground at 9am and there were a lot of people there by then.

"The weather has been conducive to that, of course – we are always in the lap of the gods with the weather and this year it was magnificent.

"We try to keep the show fresh every year. There's always plenty of variety on the stands, of course, there's always something different with the cattle and all the livestock sections, and we are always trying to bring variety to the entertainment in the main ring.

"There's no doubt if there's something noisy, it brings the crowds in.

"And the farmers continue to embrace the show."

And Mr Brogden was delighted to see so many families through the gates.

"One of the beauties of this show is we have a good spread of ages on the organising committee – it has always been the policy of the show to encourage young people to come in," he said.

"The young farmers come in and the older ones can retire or stand back a little bit, and it keeps a healthy environment.

"That helps create the diversity of the programme we can subsequently offer.

"We get a lot of families here and that spread of ages is very important."

So how does next year's show top this year's record-breaking effort?

"We always review what we have done and ask how we can change – or do we want to change?

"One of the things we are encouraged by is there is a healthy waiting list of people to exhibit on trade stands, so they must thing the show is doing things right.

"There's no intention of getting any bigger – we're a one-day show, that's our focus, and we try to make a good job of that. We can cope with that.

"Some shows have gone from a successful one-day format to two days or three days and have come unstuck.

"Work has already started on next year's show. By lunchtime on Sunday everything was packed away, apart from the contractors' areas and marquees, and now the work begins for next year."