The show is one of the major events that helps put Oswestry on the map, according to mayor Sandy Best.

"I wasn't surprised to learn it was a record attendance – it was heaving in places," she said.

"We were judging the business tents, the craft tent and the good tent – it ticked all my boxes!

"We went round them once, and then wanted to go around again to make sure, and it was really difficult to see the stalls because there were so many people.

"The standards of the exhibits were really high.

"In the craft rent, one entry was using wool from sheep within a 15-mile radius, spinning it, getting it prepared and then dying it. Nothing was imported in. It was all local.

"I was also very taken by the new gins from Ellesmere – I really enjoyed guessing some of the tastes!

"There was a real buzz about the how this year – it was brilliant.

"The weather helped, of course, but this show has been going for such a long time.

"Its reputation grows year on year and there is so much people to see and do, on top of all the animals, and there's lots for the children to get involved in.

"It's lovely the way children are part of the whole thing. They were invited into the main ring to see the hunt hounds and they ended up going across the see the horses – I was holding my breath a bit in case they got a bit close to their back legs – but it was fun.

"It's amazing to think it's all done by volunteers.

"The minute everything in the Showground comes down, they start on the next show.

"Judging from the comments I heard, I think they were delighted with everything about this year's show and how it went.

"Every year they seem to manage to come up with something new to keep it fresh. People come into the Showground early on, and they're still finding things to see and do late into the afternoon.

"I'm really proud of the show.

"It was been a success all round. Oswestry is on the map."