There was plenty for petrol heads and lovers of the classic car to see at Saturday's Oswestry Show as more than 50 cars and motorbikes were on show.

Steward Michael Huggett was delighted with the day’s efforts with five class winners, with three representing Oswestry and beyond in the winners' circle.

He said: “This is my first year as chief steward and it’s been very good, apart from one or two organisational issues.

“I have been impressed by the standard and there’s been some really good entries; really high standard.

“I’m full of praise for them all.”

Class A was vintage cars up to 1930, and the winner was David Thomas from the Wirral who was there with his 1927 Rolls Royce, which he was delighted to win with.

He said: “I’ve had this for about two-and-a-half years, but I have been a vintage collector for a very long time.

“I was happy with winning as it’s a show and competition with a good reputation, so it was nice to win here.

“I just wanted a vintage car so I thought I would buy this. I’ve worked hard on it.”

Class B was post-vintage thoroughbreds between 1931 and 1951,won by Porth-y-waen-based Robert Thomas, who took home the red rosette in a sparse field of entries.

He restored his 1947 Wolseley from the very worst condition to be a winner.

He said: “I knew I had a good chance of winning.

“When I got it, it had brambles growing out of it so I completely stripped the bodywork right down. It’s been a real labour of love for me; it took around 12 months for me to do.

“It’s totally restored and to win, it makes me very proud.”

Lawrence Davies, from St Asaph in north Wales, won Class C – Classic Cars between 1952-1976 – with his 1968 MGC GT.

He said: “I feel really proud about this. I’m really pleased to win – this is the first time I have won at this show though I did win at Cholmondeley Castle once.

“I’ve had this since 2012. I bought it from the daughter of the original owner and I’ve only done a few thousand miles in it.”

There were local winners in Classes D and E as Whittington-based John Lythe won with his 1947 Norton International M30 motorcycle in the former.

He is a veteran winner at the show and brought another red rosette home in the class up to 1960 and he was pleased by the result.

“As a local person, it’s great to win at the Oswestry Show as I’ve bene coming here for 20 years,” he said.

“I’ve got around 13/14 red rosettes and countless other ones. But it’s just as nice to win this one as it is to win the first one.

“I’ve had this bike since 2004 and I restored it with help from friends, so I dedicate it to them.”

Class E – motorcycles from 1961 onwards – was won by Tony Betts, from Selattyn, with his 1963 BSA Rocket Gold Star, and he was delighted.

He said: “It’s my first win – I’m very proud of it and a bit surprised too. But it’s a big achievement for me.

“I bought the bike around the year 2000. I had it restored to this condition and it was a big achievement to get it here.

“I’ve always had a bike to work on.”