The Oswestry Show runs to a tried and tested formula – and there's no prospect of changing that any time soon.

After all, says show chairman Nigel Whittingham: "If it ain't busted, don't fix it."

Mr Whittingham was delighted to see so many people enjoying themselves at the sun-drenched Showground.

"It was busier than ever and we had the advantage of the good weather," he said.

"We're always looking to move forward – you don't go far if you stand still.

"We have a good support – the people who come to the show, the tradespeople, the cattle people, the horse people, just keep supporting it.

"I've jist come back from the horticulture tent, the WI and the small animals, and there's so much for people to see.

"We always try to put on new things.

"With the entertainment in the main ring, the committee decided they would do a pageant on the history of potatoes, right from the very beginning, so we had the old machinery right through to the new, and potato planters – it's good education.

"Round here people are pretty much up to speed when it comes to the farming world, but it some places they don't understand where good comes from – they think it just comes out of the supermarket.

"We have fantastic backing from our supporters., too. If we didn't have that army of people, who are volunteers, it would very difficult to run.

"The support we get is so impressive."

A mountain of work is carried out by those volunteers for a show that is done and dusted in a single day. But there are no plans to expand to extend it to a second day.

"Our format is one day. We have a successful show – why change it?" he says.