One PERSON who doesn't seem to have enjoyed his pre-season is Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho.

He seems to be without hope, though Manchester United fans always have hope because they're such a successful club.

But seeing his demeanour and the look of him, and the way he's been talking about the signings at the club, it's odd.

When he was in America, he was talking about the players that he had on the tour that are not going to be there in his starting line-up or even his squad which was strange.

If you look on the flip side, Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp are massively positive about their players and their signings. That's two rival big Premier League clubs with contrasting values and outlook to United's manager.

The Old Trafford club will have people looking on short-term but they will always be there or thereabouts come the end of the season.

But whether that's with Mourinho and with him as manager, I'm not too sure. All of the people are talking about him and he really doesn't seem to be in a happy place at the moment.

It's genuinely a tough one to say whether he'll be there or not at the end of the season. He's in his third year there now and we know that's the time he usually begins to leave clubs.

It happened at Chelsea, it happened at Inter and at Real Madrid too. He seems to only be there for a few seasons at a time and we'll have to see if that's the same at United.

But the way he's talking and looking, I wouldn't be surprised if he left.