The PREMIER LEAGUE returns on Friday and I can't wait for it.

It's something you look forward to in the week; obviously, my main thoughts through the week are on TNS, but after that, I'm looking forward to the weekend's matches.

It seems an age since I watched one, with the World Cup in between. I can't see past Manchester City winning the league after they dismissed Chelsea in the Community Shield; I can't let my heart rule my head and say Liverpool will win it.

But it will be City first and Liverpool second, and after that I don't care. I think that's how it's going to be.

Liverpool have made some great signings and are in a really good shape so it''s looking like they will be there or thereabouts for that second place.

It's been a really early start to the season, despite the World Cup, with English, Belgian, French and Croatian players only just returning to training.

The first month of the season is going to be interesting as it's going to take those players that long to bed in after their break.

Someone like Harry Kane might have to wait until September to score his first goal because he's only just returned, and it will be similar to that for many of the players who played in the summer.

They've had to have holidays, now they're in pre-season and they need a few weeks to get back in shape. But they'll get that sharpness quickly.

In terms of who might go down, it's difficult to say because normally you just look at the teams who have come up as the favourites to go back down again.

But Wolves and Fulham have certainly strengthened very well, and I think that the former may actually reach mid-table this year because of the strength of the players they've signed including Portuguese pair Rui Patricio and Joao Moutinho, who both won Euro 2016.

I think this year is the team that no-one expects to go down to be relegated, if they don't have a start.

One of the three who stayed up last season in Brighton, Newcastle and Huddersfield need to be aware of second-season syndrome and not be sucked in.