POLICE are investigating after a sheep was mauled to death by a dog.

The pet sheep was attacked by a dog in a field next to the Racecourse, Oswestry at 11am on Monday, July 10.

Anyone with information can call West Mercia Police on 101, or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111, quoting incident reference 0224s 300718.

West Mercia Police has also issued a safety message regarding sheep and livestock worrying.

A spokesman said that the force sometimes receives calls from farmers, landowners and members of the public reporting farm animals being chased by dogs.

The spokesman added: "Sheep can be savaged and killed by dogs or have to be put down by a veterinary surgeon.

"The impact this can have on a rural business can be devastating. Not only does the farmer incur expensive veterinary costs but for pregnant ewes there is the risk of aborting their unborn lambs.

"This can incur further veterinary expense but also the loss of income from a depleted flock."

Dog owners were told not to allow their animals to enter a field on their own and keep them under your control at all times, as well as to stick to public rights of way.

Farmers and landowners were asked to report incidents of livestock worrying to West Mercia Police and put signs up on gateways alerting dog walkers to the presence of livestock in the fields.