An Oswestry councillor has criticised the format of a recent Future Fit consultation.

Councillor Duncan Kerr called the CCGs decision to leave the consultation before hearing the comments of Defend our NHS discourteous.

The public consultation last week took place at the Wynnstay Hotel in Oswestry, to allow the residents in the town a chance to voice their opinions in front of a panel of CCG representatives and members of Defend our NHS.

At the halfway point of the meeting, the CCG representatives left the panel and didn’t return for the second half to hear comments of Gill George and Sylvia Jones.

Councillor Kerr said: “I thought it was very discourteous of those speaking for Future Fit to leave before hearing what other members of the panel had to say.

“I would’ve liked to have heard what the CCG had to say in response to some of Gill George’s comments as I’m sure many would have in the room.

“This has been going on for a long time and I feel they have been very disingenuous throughout – when so much money is going into something, we all want to be sure that the outcome is going to be the one that is best for everyone.

“I feel as though the plans as they are would be unsafe to implement as there are so many factors that we are still unaware of, staff numbers being one of them.

“If the amount of staff is reduced, we could see the service get worse than it is and for the money that they are spending, we need to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

Councillor Kerr praised the comments made by Gill George on the evening and agrees with her advice to strongly disagree with both options on the survey.

He said: “I feel like it is a good tactic to strongly disagree with both options, but I think it’s poor of them to send out surveys with just two options to choose from when we know full well that most people would like a third option to disagree with both.”

He also stated that it’s frustrating that they have told the public they have been given £312 million when it instead money through a loan that must be paid back.

“It’s frustrating that they’ve ultimately lied to people, they haven’t been given the money, they’ve been given permission to loan the money which will be paid back by the tax payer.

“There’s no need to lie about that to people, so why have they done it? Part of democracy means that we have to be open, honest and transparent, and I feel like they should act this way towards the public.”

There is now another consultation meeting scheduled in Oswestry on August 15 where the public will once more be able to question Future Fit representatives and put forward their views.

The consultation closing date was midnight on Tuesday, September 4, however it has since been extended by a week to midnight Tuesday, September 11 2018.