A PUBLIC toilet in Chirk could be threatened with closure after reports of public indecency.

The toilets situated on Colliery Road have been mentioned to police on numerous occasions with regards to acts of indecency, however those committing the alleged acts have not been caught.

PCSO Martin Griffiths raised his concerns about the issue at this month’s council meeting.

He said: “We’ve received a number of reports of males engaging in sexual acts in the public toilet in the area.

“If we are unable to catch these people, or find a way to combat the situation, we could be faced with no option but to close the toilets, despite that being the last thing anyone wants.

“We need to figure out a way to prevent it from happening as the police don’t have the resources to monitor the area for up to 10 hours a day.”

Jackie Allen along with many other members of the council, agreed that closure should be a last resort, but admitted the lack of funding available for the police force is an issue.

She said: “Under no circumstances do we want to see these toilets close, it takes away the privilege for normal well-doing people.”

One of the suggestions to combat the issue was to introduce a CCTV system outside the toilet, to monitor those returning frequently.

If anyone has any information or wishes to report an incident, call 101 to contact the local police.