Prisoners at a Wrexham jail are supplying pies for an Oswestry firm to sell.

Bosses at the British Ironworks Centre say the culinary adventure in partnership with HMP Berwyn– what they call ‘prison pies’ – aims to provide inmates with a "multitude of positive opportunities and pathways for potential growth.

Clive Knowles, the chairman of the Ironworks, said: "The Custodial Pie Corporation is a wonderful pie-making initiative that began when Dylan’s Restaurant Company teamed up with HMP Berwyn, to provide an outlet for their inmates to showcase their cooking creativity while gaining valuable skills.

"It was created to help rehabilitate prisoners in an attempt to break the reoffending cycle.

"The production of these pies aims to boost inmates’ skills and abilities, allowing them to effectively re-integrate back into society as fully employed members of their communities.

"All the profits made from the pies go directly back into the scheme to help continue to run this highly-rewarding programme.

"In future, Berwyn hopes for the profits to eventually become accessible, upon release, to the men who have been involved in the pie production. This will help with the costs of anything from household items to first flats.

"The kitchens are being run by the highest quality trained chefs, who guide and teach all inmates in the creation of each and every pie.

"Each pie features a signature crown motif which highlights their delicious royal flavours that have, by no coincidence, even been crowned champion at the renowned British Pie Awards.

"To create a safer society for our community we all have a responsibility to help reduce the risk of these inmates returning to crime, and what better way to do that than to support their efforts to make positive changes.

"Having been so successful in their own right, the scheme is now reaching out to forge long-term alliances with local and regional businesses to better showcase these tasty pies. Our help will not only aid in the sale of the pies, but will also provide the necessary encouragement for inmates to continue their hard work in the kitchen.

"Our staff here at The British Ironwork Centre tried and tested these baked goods and say they are as delicious as they look.

"We intend to showcase these pies at our public events throughout the year, starting with our Proms in the Park event on September 15, where our guests and visitors can test out these pies for themselves.

"Following what we hope to be a fabulous response, these pies will be integrated into our café menu, and featured at other special events, where we can help to create revenue for, and offer our support to, this fantastic initiative."