A SAFETY charity that helps children in Oswestry and beyond has received a major cash boost.

Shrewsbury and Oswestry Crucial Crew received £5,000 to fund a safety education event, giving practical advice to as many as 1,500 students in their final year of primary school across Shropshire.

The donation was provided by the Santander Foundation, which offers Discovery Grants to UK registered charities for projects that help disadvantaged people.

Geof Proffitt, trustee fundraiser at Shrewsbury and Oswestry Crucial Crew, said: “Support and recognition by The Santander Foundation not only endorses the hard work of the committee and over 100 volunteers, all of whom are unpaid, but it re-energises everyone involved with the charity and for that we are truly grateful.”

Shrewsbury & Oswestry Crucial Crew provided a two-week safety education event for 11-year-olds from more than 50 primary schools in Shropshire.

The aim was to teach youngsters life skills and give them the experience and knowledge to deal with various situations as they transition to secondary school.

Thirteen safety and social awareness scenarios were delivered on a wide range of topics including: internet safety and cyber bullying; hate crime; safety on or near railways, rivers and the coast; farm and building site safety; as well as drugs and alcohol abuse.

These were delivered by a number of organisations and services including: the local police, fire service, Shropshire Council, St John's Ambulance and RNLI; the National Farmers’ Union; British Transport Police, Veolia and Western Power Distribution.

The safety education programme, which is run by the trustees and 100 volunteers, was originally conceived by the police in 1994 and since then has provided advice to 27,000 children from the the Oswestry and Shrewsbury areas. Kathryn Whelan, select relationship manager at Santander’s Shrewsbury branch, said: “The Santander Foundation makes hundreds of donations every year throughout the UK. "We are delighted to be supporting Shrewsbury & Oswestry Crucial Crew and hope the donation makes a real difference to local children."