PLANS for a new supermarket would be "another nail in the coffin" for town centre trade.

That is the view of Yossi Gliksman, owner of Upstairs Downstairs, on an application for a new Morrisons store in Shrewsbury Road.

He said: "Any development we have which is outside of town would drive even more people out of town.

"We are struggling as it is now with footfall in the town, and I think something like that would be detrimental to the town and I can't believe anybody would say, or would believe even, that another supermarket like that would bring more people to the town - it will not.

"It will bring people to the supermarket which will obviously provide free parking, which we haven't got in our town."

Mr Gliksman said that it would probably benefit the industrial estate, and added: "It's just another nail in the coffin for the town centre in my opinion."

The former Oswestry Chamber of Trade chairman stressed that he supported Morrisons in the town centre, and said that the town had enough supermarkets to serve its people.

"Please don't have any more supermarkets on the outskirts of Oswestry - it will kill the town," he added

Morrisons has lodged a planning application to Shropshire Council for food store, petrol filling station and car wash among other facilities on Shrewsbury Road, Oswestry.

Plans for the site also include a car wash, tyre pod, ATM units, two substations and associated access, car parking and landscaping.

The plans include a simplified junction with College Road by introducing a roundabout.

There would be pedestrian footpaths on either side of the access road and strong pedestrian links through the car park.

The site is the remaining balance of land following the relocation of Oswestry Livestock Auctions.

There were plans four years ago to turn the Smithfield site into a £45 million complex with leisure and dining facilities, which ended after Cineworld pulled out.

Linda Clark, owner of the Fat Rabbit vegan cafe on Bailey Street, said that the plans would probably not affect her as she had a "very niche" business - but she added that the plans would "most likely have a negative effect".

She said: "Footfall is always a concern in a market town and it would be a shame if it did affect it because it's a great little town with lots going on, lots of independents."

Ms Clark added that an independent business community was more important to Oswestry than out of town supermarkets.

A statement by Whittam Cox Architects said: "The proposal will provide wider choice to consumers and will also generate new employment opportunities, building on the approved planning permission."

The plan was mentioned at an Oswestry Town Council planning meeting on Monday. While the councillors could not make a official planning comment to Shropshire Council, it was noted that members were happy that the plans were moving forward.