Oswestry's paralympic hero Mikey Hall has revealed his mental health anguish after security were called on him at the hospital in which he is currently living.

The archer, who competed at the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games, has been in Salford Royal Hospital in Greater Manchester since last year, having had life-saving surgery after developing septicaemia and is now recovering.

But Hall says his mental health is suffering as he is in a ward with men much older than himself, where is unable to sleep and clashed with hospital staff after security were called on him last week because of an altercation involving a bag belonging to him.

The incident has left Hall thinking he is in 'a dark place' emotionally and is frustrated by the lack of progress in moving wards and accessing services to help his mental health.

"I've had this washing bag of mine, and obviously I've been in this hospital for more than a year now," he said.

"That bag is my life and it's full of my dirty washing; they're saying it's a trip hazard and it's in the way. I am not moving this bag; it is my life but they want it to go to a locked room. The security were called to the ward because I swore apparently and some people have lied say I kicked them.

How can I kick them? I'm in a wheelchair and I can't move my legs. They say I drove into them, which I never.

"I am so fed up. The incident on Thursday, I think I was disrespected by both the nursing staff and the security staff.

"I know we all get upset but I do think I acted properly. I never swore at any of the staff directly but perhaps in the conversation, I have possibly sworn. But it wasn't towards the staff, it was frustration.

"The hospital keeps telling me 'no' when I have asked to be moved back into a side room for the sake of my mental health. They don't give me a reason as to why they say no, but they just do.

"I'm not receiving any counselling for this within the hospital but I've asked for it and they tell me they're not allowed here."

A spokeswoman for Salford Royal said: "We are unable to comment on individual cases due to patient confidentiality. We know that our staff work hard to provide the very best care for all of our patients and we will continue to work with Mr Hall to listen to and address his concerns."