The SACKING of Antonio Conte at Chelsea is probably one of the worst kept secrets in football over the last few months.

They’re going to bring in Maurizio Sarri but I don’t know why they didn’t bring him in earlier instead of allowing Conte to begin pre-season.

He did a few days and then he gets sacked. What are Chelsea doing? The compensation for Sarri is reportedly between six and eight million euros, which is peanuts for Roman Abramovich.

So I don’t know why they’ve waited for the old manager to start training and then bring the new manager in after a few days.

Sarri had already resigned form Napoli, where they’ve had one of their best seasons in recent years, and all Chelsea had to do was sort it out though I acknowledge we’re not sure of what’s happening in the background.

But it just doesn’t seem a classy way to do it for me. But then we know how Chelsea sack their managers so we shouldn’t be surprised.

Whether it’s the right decision by Chelsea, we’ll have to wait and see but Sarri is the same at Napoli. He had some brilliant footballers, they worked their socks off.