The DEFEAT to KF Shkendija on Tuesday was probably the biggest learning curve we’re ever going to have in Europe.

It wasn’t the result we expected nor thought would happen but we have to put our hands up and say they were the better team on the night.

On paper, people would have looked at the game and thought we might have got a result and don’t get me wrong, the home tie will be a lot different because of the dynamic of it.

We could change the side a little bit and maybe even change our strategy to match what they have, we can get a positive spin on it from and that’s the best way to go forward.

We’ve just got to dust ourselves down and make sure we put the wrongs right. We haven’t written it off as the lads who played last week – if picked – get the chance to play the game again on Tuesday.

They have to do themselves justice, so to speak. They have to show me and everyone else at the club that we weren’t as good as we can be but we can do better.

Whether we win, draw or lose the game, it’s about showing the application that goes with being with TNS.

It’s about what we do week in, week out; work hard, pass and keep the ball and being an attractive football team.

Let’s take it from the worst feeling in the world to the best.

But if you don’t do the things that you’re supposed and do every week, then you’re going to be in trouble, no matter how you play.

I’m just hoping we got a reaction from the lads in the second leg at Park Hall.