Now THAT France have won the World Cup, it’s time to reflect on what I think has been a very good tournament in Russia.

There’s been some really entertaining games in all stages of the tournament, with some fantastic goals too but I do think the top sides have really let themselves down.

I mean the top five sides, like Argentina, Brazil, Germany, etc. They just didn’t perform but I also don’t know if it’s because the smaller nations are getting more organised and have a bit more money to bring in top coaches who are getting them much more disciplined in their play.

These so-called smaller teams, I mean. But you do like to see the top sides like Brazil etc around the final.

Having said I thought before the final that it would be great game between France and Croatia because they were two high-quality teams and I was right.

On the one hand, people have underachieved but on the other, the other teams have really stepped up to the plate to provide excellent games for the fans to enjoy.

As for England’s semi-final defeat. I don’t agree that Croatia were so much better than England but you have to look at their stand-out talent, which is world class, and the clubs they play for.Luca Modric is at Real Madrid, Mario Mand?uki? is at Juventus and Ivan Rakiti? is at Barcelona.

They are world-class players that we know about, but they also have a very good keeper, the full backs are excellent and in Ivan Periši?, they have a winger that Manchester United have been interested in for the last two years.

But while they didn’t have a good first half, they will always put you up against it. And they deserved to be tongue-in-cheek afterwards when they said that it wasn’t coming home.

They obviously felt that England thought they would just get to the final and that it would be ok. I like the way Croatia play, they’re very good technically and they’re decent in every department. I didn’t see as much of the World Cup as I’d have liked because of pre-season but I enjoyed Belgium, a mixture of good counter-attack and possession.

I liked how France grew through the tournament plus England’s good run.