A POLICE officer who saved the life of a stabbing victim while helping to detain the attacker has been hailed for her bravery.

Oswestry-based PC Kimberley Morris won the West Midlands award at the National Police Bravery Awards at a ceremony in London yesterday (Thursday, July 12).

PC Morris was in only her second week of independent patrol when she was called to a disturbance and potential assault.

When she and a colleague arrived at the scene they were met with an hysterical woman on a driveway who was covered in blood.

A West Mercia Police spokesman said: "PC Morris could see bloody handprints on the door and the outside wall of the house, while the woman screamed that 'he' was dying but that the assailant had fled.

"PC Morris entered the house to find another man kneeling in front of the first and holding something up to a bloody and gaping neck wound. The man in the chair was drifting in and out of consciousness.

"PC Morris quickly realised that the second man was the offender and that the weapon used in the assault had been a herb cutter left discarded on the kitchen floor; she had to help the victim whilst also keeping the likely offender controlled and away from his weapon of choice."

She administered first aid while she waited for back up to arrive, all the while keeping the offender in sight.

Once back up arrived, PC Morris told them she believed the second male to be the perpetrator and he was arrested while she continued to work to save the victim's life. He had received an 8-inch gash across his neck which was bleeding profusely.

The assailant eventually received a nine-year sentence for carrying out the attack.

Anthony Bangham, chief constable of West Mercia Police, said: "Kimberley demonstrated a perfect balance of compassion for a victim and bravery to enforce the law. Her courage is rightly being recognised with nomination for such a prestigious national award."

West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion added "Police officers are ordinary people, doing extraordinary things and Kimberley is a shining example of this. Kimberley ran towards danger in order to keep others safe, and on behalf of all our communities I would like to congratulate her for this courageous and selfless act, and commend her for this well deserved nomination."