DOGS and their owners competed in a sporting challenge with a difference.

The Storm Chasers flyball team held their Stormies Summer Slam Challenge at the Oswestry Showground.

Flyball is a head to head relay race consisting of two teams including four dogs, a Flyball box and a ball.

The aim of the sport is for each individual dog to pass through a set of sensor gates, jump over four hurdles, trigger the flyball box to release a ball, catch it and then return over all four jumps carrying the ball to the next dog. All the while an opposing team is doing the very same in the other lane.

Each team trying to complete the sequence, cleanly, in the fastest time.

Team captain Vicki Dawe said - a board member of the UK Flyball League, said that the event was the second in a series of three, where the winner of the most heats would receive a trophy.

Of flyball, she added: "It's growing. It came across to the UK in 1990, I think, and it's just grown and grown ever since.

"We set up the league in December last year so it's brand new and it's doing really well. We've got about 2,000 members."

Storm Chasers will hold their the event in the series at Oswestry Showground on September 28.

The league holds events across the country. For more information visit the UK Flyball League Facebook page.