Controversial plans to extend a housing estate in Gobowen have been approved.

Developers Fletcher Homes Ltd made the proposal to extend its Wat’s Meadow estate by building a further 12 apartments and eight homes, plus parking for 25 vehicles.

But the parish council said it was “gross over-development” of the site.

Amy Gregory, on behalf of the council, said they also have concerns regarding increased traffic, a lack of direct pedestrian access, issues with the children’s play areas, and a lack of broadband infrastructure.

Councillors added: “There is only one access route onto the proposed development, therefore it would lead to an increase in vehicles and site traffic through the existing Wat’s Meadow site.

“There is already congestion with cars already parked on pavements and along the road, narrowing access which causes concern particularly in relation to access for emergency services and refuse lorries.”

Residents on the new Hart and Trumpet development also voiced concerns of how close it would be to their homes.

But Shropshire Council planning officer Mark Perry said since the original submission, Fletcher Homes had amended the plans to increase the distance between them.

He added: “It is considered that there is a satisfactory amount of separation and would not detrimentally impact upon light or privacy.

“It is considered that the proposed development is of an appropriate design and layout and there would not be any detrimental impact upon the amenities of neighbouring occupiers.”

Mr Perry also noted that the site is landlocked by the railway line and the existing Wat’s Meadow estate, and cannot be accessed in any other way.

He concluded: “The proposed development will utilise an area of land within the development which is surrounded by existing residential development.”