NORTH Shropshire's MP was among those quizzing the Prime Minister as the the Brexit crisis rumbles on.

Owen Paterson questioned Theresa May in Parliament on Monday over the agreement hammered out by the Cabinet at a crunch meeting in Chequers.

He said: "The announcement that the Government are preparing for a no deal—an inaccurate term for moving to World Trade Organisation (WTO) terms, on which we trade with the vast majority of countries in the world—is very welcome and sensible.

"Given the intransigence and churlishness with which the EU has welcomed the Prime Minister’s generous offers so far, what is the date by which she judges it will be a 'drop dead' moment at which to state that the talks are not progressing and that we will definitely go on to WTO terms?"

Mrs May replied: "I am sure that my right hon. Friend has been in a sufficient number of negotiations to know that it is not sensible to try to put a date on these matters in the way that he said.

"We have so far received a positive reaction to the proposals that we have put forward.

"We will go into intense and pacey negotiations with the European Union. I am clear that when this House comes to look at the withdrawal agreement and implementation Bill, it needs to have sufficient detail about the future relationship to be able to make that proper judgment."

The Prime Minister faced a slew of questions in the Commons over Brexit arrangements.

The session came after the resignation of Brexit Secretary David Davis on Sunday.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson left his post on Monday.

Mr Paterson later posted on Twitter that Mr Johnson's resignation letter was "a further indication before we see the full text of the Government's proposals that they will not honour our clear manifesto commitments to leave the Single Market, the Customs Union, and the jurisdiction of the European Court."

The White Paper outlining the Government's Brexit plans is due to be published on Thursday (July 12).