England's keeper Jordan Pickford has been outstanding in this tournament.

The Everton number one received some stick earlier on in the competition because he was supposed to have gone with the wrong hand for a goal or that he is too small.

That was a bit off for me; the lad has only played a few games at international level and he has clearly shown he has the ability to deal with it.

Gareth Southgate made him his number one immediately because you can tell that he can play. He's very good with his feet and the save he made at the end of the Colombia game was just sensational.

Ok, they conceded straight after but it was a magnificent save and shows how flexible he is, and what agility he has. I noticed that after Belgium beat Brazil on Friday night, their keeper Thibaut Courtois was quick to point out had hadn't meant to insult Pickford by mentioning his height.

Pickford also made two saves against Sweden that were just as good, in their own way when he dived to his left to make a solid save and then an even better one down to his right when Sweden must have thought they were back in the game.

We caught bits of it as we were making our way to the hotel to get ready for our flight to Macedonia on the bus.

It seems very strange to say it considering he's already commanded a £30 million transfer fee from the Stadium of Light to Roker Park, but it looks like the former Sunderland keeper has a huge future in the game.