Regardless of what happens in tonight's World Cup semi-final against Croatia, these England players and staff have done themselves and the country proud.

I've spoken over the last few weeks about England's chances and how far they can go,e specially about the strength of the early sides they played, such as Tunisia and Panama.

But Colombia and Sweden were decent sides; the latter doesn't concede too many goals so when you look at it, Saturday was a very good performance from England.

It will be a test in the semi-final tonight though. It will be a very tough test but overall, England have put in some very good performances and there are three or four individuals in the starting XI who can hold their heads up very high.

The captain Harry Kane has been brilliant while at the heart of the English defence, John Stones has been outstanding. One player who has been a revelation in both boxes is Harry Maguire.

He wasn't in the squad at the start of the qualifying campaign and mad ehis debut halfway through but now is he an established fan favourite.

There's so many positives to be taken from this England showing at the World Cup and there's still much more to come.

It's showing that because we've done well, all parts of the country are getting behind the players and the staff; in fact, probably all parts of the UK are supporting them.

I think there's a real lack of tribalism with this team. People in other countries are fans of the clubs these players play for. Early on, many people wouldn't have had too many hopes for this team because in the past we've been let down by our expectations.

But as this team began to get better and move through the tournament, a lot more of the people have started to get behind their team, which is great to see.

Hopefully, there's one more step to make; yes, a semi-final is good but can England go on to get that victory and make that final on Sunday?

Croatia have been ok; first few games they did well but then they had a bit of a dip. It's hard to maintain the standard they showed against Argentina. On paper they're good, but so are England.