The Advertizer has always been ahead of its time. It was one of the earliest English-language newspapers when it was first produced in January 1849.

Okay, it wasn’t quite like the paper we know now – it was a monthly publication which contained mainly railway timetables and advertisements.

In its second year a little more news began to appear, but it would be another five years before it became a weekly publication.

Now it has become one of the best-loved weekly papers in the country – last year it was one of the best-performing publications in the UK in terms of sales.

These days, it has a bigger audience than ever – the latest figures show the Tizer is read by 21,661 people every week in print and online.

Our online audience at has shown massive growth over the past 12 months, highlighting how people like to read their news in a variety of ways these days.

But now we’re looking to take a step back in time – by reverting to a Wednesday publication day.

The Tizer always used to hit the streets every Wednesday, taking advantage of the extra people in town attending the market. But when it started printing on a brand-new press, a decision was made to change its publication day, bringing it forward by 24 hours.

Now, though, from next week we’re moving back to a Wednesday.

This will give us extra time to prepare reports from weekend events, ensuring our unrivalled coverage in words and pictures of everything happening on our doorstep gets even better.

It also means, of course, we can now include in the paper reports from sports events that take place up to Tuesday night.

What will remain is our dedication to fill the Tizer each week with the best news, features, sport and local comment from the area.

And you can help us get even better. Is there something you would like to see in the paper we are not covering? Are there ways we can improve? Let us know.

Our address can be found in the panel on Page 4. Get in touch – and help us make the Tizer become the paper YOU want.

And we’ll see you on Wednesday next week!

Colin Channon, editor at Oswestry & Border Counties Advertizer