There are pending bans for Arsenal's Granit Xhaka and Stephan Lichtsteiner, plus Stoke City's Xherdan Shaqiri after they made a hand gesture during Switzerland's win over Serbia.

I know about the history for Xhaka and Shaqiri, who are of Kosovan descent and were celebrating against a country that waged war on them, leaving them refugees, with Shaqiri having the Kosovan flag on one of his football boots.

But I think sometimes players have to let their talking be done on the pitch, which they did do when they went and got a great result on Friday night.

You don't need that conflict with the supporters, with FIFA etc.

We've talked about off-pitch matters before but we want to see 11 players on the pitch playing for whoever they represent. The political aspect isn't something something I want to see.

But I can understand why they're doing it because of their upbringing. However, they're using their power to do it with so many millions watching the game .

If they are going to make those double-handed 'eagle' signs, then they must be aware they're going to get punished as well.