This year's winner of the Cute Kids competition is two-year-old Amelia Thompson.

After weeks of voting, the public crowned Amelia has the winner and mum Charlotte Richards said she is over the moon that Amelia has won.

"I am really pleased," she said.

"It all went a bit crazy on social media when people were voting - Amelia even has her own Instagram page!"

But Charlotte and Amelia's dad, David Thompson, have been in an out of hospital with their daughter since she was born on May 15, 2016.

"Amelia was born with Down's Syndrome at 35 weeks with a heart condition that we were told about in a scan at 34 weeks.

"We were told it was down to chromosomes but we decided not to find out any more.

"She was born in Manchester where she spent 11 weeks in neo-natal. We managed to get her home for four days but then she had to go back and spend another three weeks in hospital.

"Her dad was working away on the oil rigs at the time, so he had give up work to be near us.

"Then in August 2016, we moved back to Oswestry to live with my mum.

"She was then admitted into Alder Hey Hospital for cardiac surgery and after that she spent another four weeks in intensive care.

"We've been in an out of hospitals – she's very well known at Wrexham Maelor now for being so cheeky!

"She spent her first Christmas in Alder Hey."

The family found out that Amelia had Chronic Lung Disease, which means she has to have oxygen fed to her through tubes and she will most likely have to have more surgery for her heart in the future.

"Thankfully she has not been in hospital as often recently," continued Charlotte.

"She had two short stays last winter but we've stayed at home quite a lot and seems to have helped her. She's come on leaps and bounds, sometimes being in hospital holds her back as she's not able to explore, but she's doing really well.

"We're very lucky that we have lots of community support – we visit Hope House where she is spoilt rotten, she has everyone wrapped around her little finger!

"When we found out her Amelia's condition, we just thought it's not the end of the world. It's been hard, but there are so many positives that I think we should concentrate on them.

"There are far worse things happening everyday and Amelia is just amazing, we wouldn't change her for the world."