SPECIAL constables have been hailed for racking up the hours.

The total hours clocked up by Special Constables in West Mercia last year was the equivalent of around 50 full-time police officers.

Mr Campion said: "I am grateful to all our volunteers in West Mercia and it is right that we recognise the contribution they make to helping keep our communities safe.”

Figures released as part of National Volunteers’ Week show that in 2017/18, West Mercia’s 360 Special Constables logged more than 83,000 hours of service.

Other volunteers also logged more than 11,000, giving a grand total of 94,422 hours.

Mr Campion said: “Communities can, and do, play an active part in helping us all to stay safe. Specials have been part of society for decades and play a vital role in supporting the work of our regular officers, along with other police service volunteers.

"Their roles have evolved significantly in recent years, enabling them to take on a much wider range of tasks and projects, supporting regular officers to achieve so much more.

“I am committed to continuing to enable and support these and other volunteering roles that can help deliver a safer West Mercia.”