A green corridor is sprouting up in one area of Oswestry.

The Shropshire Council-led project brought three wild flower beds to the greenspace in front of Monkmoor Court off Unicorn Road in 2016/17 and now residents and passersby are benefitting from the eye-catching show.

The project, which was launched in 2013, aims to link all of the town's green spaces to help sustain wildlife, including pollinating insects, small mammals, hedgehogs, owls and numerous unseen creatures, as part of preserving biodiversity.

Local resident Carol Booth, who is one of those benefitting from the spectacular site, said: "An added benefit is to the health and wellbeing to residents and visitors alike, of these beautiful flowerbeds with their abundance of wildlife is crucial to the many elderly people in this area who can no longer benefit from gardening but can find pleasure in taking a slow walk to view the wildflower beds with their diversity of butterflies at this time of year."