Manchester City reaching 100 points in a 38-game season aside, there's not been much consistency across the Premier League this season.

It was clear very early on that City were going to pull away and that no-one could mount a challenge to chase them.

Yes, Manchester United stuck in there but I don't think they've been pleasing on the eye and the fans have been murmuring that they're not happy.

But they've had a decent season and have done well to finish second. But the consistency in certain teams hasn't been there this year.

Usually, you have teams fighting until the end but it's been Man City since Christmas which isn't something you have as a normal Premier League trend.

But there has been some really excellent games with the likes of Tottenham and Liverpool putting some really good performances in and some excellent results too.

However, there's little bits missing from all the teams below City and while Pep Guardiola's men keep building and improving, it's going to be tough to overhaul them next year, as Jose Mourinho said this week.

Away from City, you have to look at the three promoted clubs – Newcastle, Brighton and Huddersfield – staying being the main success story of the season.

The relegation battle was interesting; right up in the final weeks, it looked like Swansea had been turned around but they lost out in the final week.

Southampton stayed up to and you can say what you want about Mark Hughes but he at least instilled a bit of spirit in them.

But for Huddersfield to do that in first-ever season is fantastic and the fact they picked the two points that kept them up against Chelsea and City cannot be ignored.

They have the lowest resources, an inexperienced squad – everything was against them. But it shows that good management and belief from your chairman, anything can be done and their fans have been behind them from the first minute to the last.

Under David Wagner, they've had a remarkable season and you have to say fair play for managing to stay up.