Two eco-minded pupils from Moreton Hall School have received a hand-written letter from Sir David Attenborough.

Zinnia Evans and Cecily Tyne were preparing an assembly on the topics of recycling and ‘saving our oceans’ and hoped the naturalists and broadcaster, along with Prime Minister Theresa May, might be able to attend the event.

Unfortunately they couldn't.

But they did receive replies, including the hand-written letter from the Blue Planet presenter, which said: "so glad you are telling people about the dangers of plastic waste".

Zinnia said: “I don't think it is right that plastic is hurting and injuring ocean animals and the planet.

"When I sent a letter to David Attenborough, I was hoping he would come but I never thought he would send a handwritten letter to me with his famous signature on!”

Maggie Roberts, the eco co-ordinator for the school commented: “We were amazed to receive a handwritten letter from Sir David Attenborough explaining how delighted he was that we were supporting the plastic problem.

"Congratulations to Zinnia and Cecily for a fabulous assembly and for highlighting the plight of the oceans so eloquently."