A local author has written three children's book that are designed to encourage children to develop their imagination.

Andrew C. Dyke, from Gobowen, has written books surrounding the character MacGnome.

All three MacGnome books are now available for children to borrow and read from Oswestry Library in Arthur Street.

The books are set in real geographical locations and have been designed to encourage children to develop their imagination in the real world, as opposed to fictitious worlds set out for them. They also inform children about the area in which each story is set.

Book one - The Fantastic Adventure of MacGnome – is an adventure story set in Canada, mainly around the Niagara Falls.

Book two, MacGnome's Halloween Nightmare, which is of local interest, is set in and around the Stiperstones in Shropshire. It is an exciting story, making use of local legends and history.

The third book, MacGnome The Brave, lightens the tone with an amusing tale set in London, mainly around the House of Commons.

All three books are also available from Amazon.

Andrew Dyke has also written a short novel "Tainted Beauty" (under A. C. Dyke). This is a story of compulsion, revenge, passion and a doomed romance set against criminal activities. It starts at the illegal invasion and rave at Castlemorton Common, Worcestershire in 1992, an event that made national headlines for days. Starting at the end of the Thatcher reign, it takes place over 25 years leading to the decline and social despair of the present time This book is also available on Amazon.