A concern with police presence in the local area has been highlighted after short-staff issues.

According to West Mercia data, 159 crimes were reported in Oswestry last month, 48 in Gobowen and Chirk and 39 in Ellesmere.

Figures of police offers have also dropped over the past year. In March last year, 2,079 police officers were employed for the West Mercia area but this March there are 107 less with only 1,972 officers.

The concern was raised at the recent Ellesmere Town Council meeting after councillors learnt there was only two constables on duty until October following maternity leave.

Councillor, Geoff Elner said: "It is ridiculous, we pay police rates and we should have that service."

Mayor, Ryan Hartley added: "We will write a letter of complaint from the town council to the Crime Commissioner. At the moment we haven't noticed a drop but we will keep an eye on it.

"I do find that we have less and less police presence on foot but you could say that about all areas."

Chairman of St Martins Parish Council, Glenn Pennington also feels there isn't enough police presence.

He said: "At the parish meeting it would good to have some police presence there. We represent the public so we can pass on any concerns. I must stress the police and PCSO when they are around they're effective but they are not around enough."

The Police and Crime Commissioner and West Mercia police could not give statistics on the number of police officers on duty for each town over a time period because of 'the tactical nature of police numbers'.

Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion said: “Our communities want policing resources focused where they matter most – on the frontline. My budget proposals for the coming year deliver that. A greater proportion of resources will be focused in our communities and on our streets. That includes a commitment to protect our numbers of PCs and PCSOs

"The numbers of officers have picked back up and stabilised in the last few years, with more officers and PCSOs today than we had three years ago, and recruitment in progress to fill vacancies.

"As well as sustaining numbers, our communities have asked for an increase in police visibility and I am delivering on this promise through the investments I have made in mobile technology.

"Our officers and PCSOs are able to spend more time in our communities, responding to changing demands and delivering the efficient and effective service that the public expect.”