We've worked hard this week in training but we did give the lads Easter Monday off. We planned to give those that needed it a full recovery, put their feet up and do some strength work in the gym.

We want to give the younger boys some minutes as well, plus a look at giving Kevin Kauber some more minutes too. We want to have a game – it's not nice to not be playing.

Training hard is fine but nothing beats playing. We missed out this week because of the Welsh Cup semi-finals.

Kevin is with us until next summer – he signed an 18-month deal and Dean Ebbe has now signed a contract until next summer too. He only signed a six-month deal but he's earned that because of his performances.

He's got five goals already, he's hungry and he's only 23. He's the type of the player we've been identifying for when the window opens again i.e. his age, his style of play, his technical ability and he's a team player.

Ruscoe started his Pro-Licence yesterday.

He added: "I'm looking forward to spending time with other like-minded coaches and see what I can bring back to the training ground."