The RELEGATION fight continues in the Premier League and I think it's fair to say that West Brom have gone.

I watched Southampton's defeat to Arsenal and they might have had hope when Charlie Austin scored – he always scores against Arsenal. But it's the Mark Hughes thing again.

He wasn't great at Stoke but got the Southampton job. They have been poor all year and yes I know they have lost players year-on-year but they normally have ones to come in. They need to bridge that gap between losing players and bringing new ones through; however, this year could be the one that sees them go down.

The structure at Southampton does allow them to go down for a year and bring players through again. They're financially stable and will have the remnants of a decent squad, plus the youth players they have.

You'd expect them to buy top plays too to get them back up. But they have underachieved this year and while Mark Hughes will do ok there, is that good enough? Saturday's results show that Huddersfield got a good point, but Crystal Palace got a bad point, although all points matter. Roy Hodgson did a great job to begin with but what has Paul Lambert done for Stoke and I feel it could be their year to go down despite begin mid-table for a long time.

Their signings showed great intent but with so many nationalities, is there a lot of team spirit there? I do fear for them – the three in the relegation zone could go down.