I WAS watching the Merseyside Derby on Saturday and it was one of the most boring games I've seen in a long while. I was waiting for anything to happen and it only sparked into life for the last ten 10 minutes.

Sam Allardyce settled the ship when he joined the club but he's got to own that squad and make his own signings. He needs to get some youth in the side and there's players who've been there for a while.

Is Allardyce going to be there next season? I don't know but I did read that he might be staying on. Are the fans happy with him? Probably not. He hasn't pulled up any trees as a manager results wide and he's not helped himself by saying some strange things too.

Some of his decisions and team selections have been strange. While the team did need improving when he took over, he hasn't done too much.

I don't know what his signings are in the summer. Could you honestly say he's got the players playing for him?

I don't think so.

Against Manchester City, it could have been four or five in the first half and they would've struggled against a better Liverpool side.