The CHAMPIONS League tie between Manchester City and Liverpool may be 3-0 to the Reds midway but it's not over. Like I said last week, I fancied something special from both clubs over the two legs.

But for me, I think it might be over as Liverpool will always score, meaning that if they do, City have to score four five goals to go through. If you've got your sensible head on, then you think the three goals is enough.

However, you remember Barcelona last year who came back from four down to PSG. But Liverpool did enough when they didn't give the away goal away.

But I'm aware my predecessor Craig Harrison also said PSG would ease through in these very pages last year. As a Liverpool fan, what a game to watch; end-to-end and no 'parking of the bus'.

They were two very good technical teams going at each other. City's defeat in the derby to Manchester United would have both scared and pleased Liverpool.

City were amazing in the first half – totally dominant, passing the ball around and United struggled. But it's football and when you get one against a home side that looked fragile to be honest, you could could see more goals coming.

It wasn't a bad team selection by Pep Guardiola, but some changes i.e. leaving Kevin De Bruyne and changing both full backs, might have backfired. I'm sure winning the title against United would have been high on the agenda for him.

Back to the Champions League – if Liverpool do go through, it'll be tough as look at the teams left. I've said before that I think an on-form Real Madrid will win it. To do what they did away at Juventus is incredible, where they were totally in control.

But then there's always Barcelona and also throw Bayern Munich in there too. But why not Liverpool? Jurgen Klopp has the experience of leading a team to a Champions League final.

However, it's also worth noting that the final Klopp did get to in 2013, he was soundly beaten by Bayern Munich, who were then managed by Jupp Heynckes. Not an omen, but Jupp is Bayern's manager again...