An artist from Ellesmere will be running his second trip abroad for lovers of art.

Mark Warner will be leading a trip to France this summer to guide people as they travel around beautiful landscapes and paint the scenery.

He said: "I have been teaching art in many schools and my skills have come together over a number of years of painting. I have been on a few of exciting art trips, last year I went to Tuscany which was beautiful and this July there is a trip to France which I am leading. If anyone is interested they can contact me through my website or my email address. The trip is from July 15-22 and all abilities are welcome. The trips are great."

Mark found his love of art when he was younger. He grew up on the West Wales coast and attended Dyfed College of art in Carmarthen for a foundation course in Art and Design before a degree in Fine Art.

He added: "My paintings have developed over the last few years, I have a studio and I also have my work in exhibitions.

"The most recent exhibition was at the Qube gallery in Oswestry when I had 17 paintings displayed. I tend to go out for a day or afternoon and either draw and paint on the spot or sketch it out and take it back to the studio to paint. I work on coloured ground and sketches are important to me. They are vibrant with colour but the sketching and outlines of the shapes are important.

"It keeps me sane, I've got a real passion for it and it keeps me growing. In 2013 I started a challenge in January where I painted every single day for a year and then it snowballed from there. People were seeing more of my work and enjoying it. I started drawing small objects then when it got to July I started drawing on a larger scale. Sometimes you need things to push you."

If you are interested you can contact Mark through his website