Councillors have backed plans to build 750 new homes in Oswestry - but have also warned of the impact it will have on local roads.

Members of the town council’s Development and Planning Committee discussed two applications - J. Ross Development’s plans for 600 homes off Shrewsbury Road and plans by Alan Rose to build 150 homes off Middleton Road.

The two developments would be joined by an estate road.

However, Councillors Clare Aspinall - who voted against the Middleton Road proposal - and John Price warned of the impact they would have.

Referring to the Middleton Road application Cllr Price said: “I share the concerns over the one-way stretch of Middleton Road not being suitable.

“Traffic will also be coming in from Aston Square, so traffic calming measures will have to be investigated.

“It’s for the builders to take responsibility for the roads infrastructure.”

He continued: “Middleton Road and College Road are too small to carry the extra traffic, and Cabin Lane would need some infrastructure to prevent speeding.”

However, Cllr Peter Cherrington also warned of the proposed exit for the 600 homes onto Shrewsbury Road which already has nearby exits for the industrial estate, livestock market, North Shropshire College and the A5/A483.

He said: “It’s doubtful that any building developer will build more than 40 to 45 houses in a year so with 150 to build we have some time to look at these concerns - whatever you do it’s not going to be easy.”

Cllr Chris Schofield added: “I would welcome any new housing in Oswestry, people are crying out to get on the property ladder,” while Cllr Duncan Kerr said any development had to be “sustainable for the future”.