Oswestry Town Council will “lead by example” and stop providing water in plastic bottles at its meetings.

The move is the start of a series of changes, including the introduction of a water fountain in Cae Glas Park, as the council looks to become more eco-friendly.

It comes after a notion of motion by Councillor Olly Rose who called on the authority to be “pioneering” and phase out single-use plastics such as water bottles, straws and plastic cutlery.

She added: "Through many arenas there has been a great deal of information recently indicating the extent of damage to the environment and also to health caused by the production and use of these items."

Cllr Vince Hunt, the mayor, said: “I don’t have any problems with all of these. I do agree carrier bags are an issue and I have no problem with this council playing catch-up with Shropshire Council who got rid of plastic water bottles some five or six years ago.

“I would also support the introduction of a water fountain when the we upgrade the public conveniences in the park, though I’m not sure about elsewhere until we know more about the cost and keeping them clean.”

As part of Cllr Rose’s motion she had asked if the council could encourage the abandonment of such products by commercial tenants, market traders and vendors at town council events such as Christmas Live and the forthcoming Wilfred Owen Festival.

However, Cllr Peter Cherrington noted: “I’m not sure we are in a position to tell businesses to stop using plastic cutlery and items, but I’m sure we can do our best to ask them to.”

Cllr Clare Aspinall added: “I think it’s great. I have never understood why we use bottled water when the quality of the water here is great, so we should lead by example.”

The town council has already begun reducing the use of bottled water at council meetings and will now also look to complete a ‘green audit’ to look at other changes that could be made.