The biggest dog show in the UK returns this Thursday.

Crufts, held at Birmingham's NEC started in 1891 and has grown ever since welcoming dog-breeds from all-around the world.

You can expect to see any breed from a Siberian Husky to a large Munsterlander and even the smaller breeds including Chihuahuas.

But more locally, there is more than one-hundred dog-owners from the region entering the competition.

Steve Edwards from Oswestry is showing his three-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier Hamish on Friday.

This is the second time Steve has entered Hamish in Crufts in the Limit class.

“Hamish has already been place in a few championships, so he is now qualified to show Crufts for life,” said Steve.

“We’re quite competitive!

“Hamish is short-coated so he’s easy to keep clean, but we have been doing lots of extra exercise with him so that he is toned for the showing.

“He loves all the extra exercise. We’re really looking forward to going.”

Suzanne Blake from Ellesmere will be showing four of her Newfoundland breeds. They are three-year-old Winslow, three-year-old Keeper, 15-month-old Rolex and nine-month-old Nora.

She said: “I’ve been showing Newfoundland’s for 18 years but I still feel nervous and sick but I think that’s why people do it because of the adrenaline rush. I started prepping today by bathing, grooming and trimming them but it’s very difficult because once they’re clean you can’t let them get dirty.

“It is a build-up over time, you have to maintain coats as well as their mind and body. You have to prepare all-year-round and it’s on-going, you can’t relax.”

There will be classes across the four-day event from as early as 8.15am to 9pm for the Best in Show on Sunday.