A call to cut the use of plastics at Oswestry Town Council has been made.

Councillor Olly Rose will call on members to back her motion to phase out the use of single use plastics (SUPs) such as water bottles, straws and plastic cutlery, when they meet on Monday night.

She also says the authority could be "pioneering" in the reduction of SUPs.

She said: "Through many arenas there has been a great deal of information recently indicating the extent of damage to the environment and also to health caused by the production of these items.

"It can seem overwhelming but only six months after introducing the 5p plastic bag charge, usage had dropped by 85 per cent.

"So change can happen quickly."

As part of Cllr Rose's motion she is asking the council to support local initiatives aims at reducing SUP use in the community, encouraging commercial tenants, market traders and vendors at council events to abandon the use of SUPs, and also investigate the possibility of installing drinking fountains in places such as Cae Glas Park to encourage people to refill water bottles.

She added: "There are a number of other UK councils small and large pushing forward this agenda from Aberporth to Norwich and Bradford.

"France is banning all plastic cups, plates and utensils by 2020.

"Could Oswestry be one of these pioneering councils?"

The town council has been trialling not using bottled water in recent weeks, as it previously provided them at meetings.