As we know, most schools in the county are closed because of the weather.

But for one school in the area the head teacher and caretaker were hard at work this morning making sure the children could still attend.

John Eglin, headteacher of Morda Primary School and 81-year-old caretaker Fred Hunt were out in their wellies, hat and gloves clearing the paths of snow at 7am this morning.

Mr Eglin said: "Fred and I came in early this morning especially to shovel the snow so it was safe for pupils and staff.

"It took around roughly an hour to clear the snow.

"Our key staff members arranged to be driven in or dropped off in 4x4s just so they were able to come in.

"We've all been on the field playing in the snow at break time, the kids are having a great time."

Mr Hunt added that after the paths had been cleared he put grit out, completing the work just as the first children arrived.

He continued: "I was amazed the number of children who came in and I was quite pleased because we worked hard to get it cleared.

"The parents were grateful too.

"The headteacher is a believer that if that children are in then the parents can get to work and that's why I was up early to get the school open."