Oswestry Town Council will formally elect its mayor for 2018/19 on Monday.

Councillor Sandy Best is expected to take the position in May having spent the majority of 2017/18 serving as deputy mayor.

Cllr Rebecca Evans, who was made deputy mayor for 2017/18 but stepped down shortly afterwards will again be offered the position for 2018/19 with a view to becoming mayor in 2019/20.

Meanwhile, the council will also decide the seniority list for the new councillors elected in May 2017.

The names of Cllrs Clare Aspinall, Mike Coppock, Barry Edwards, Nikki Hughes, Mike Isherwood, Jay Moore and Olly Rose, will be drawn and added the seniority list.

The current mayor who will be stepping down in May is Cllr Vince Hunt.