A survey carried out by UK Youth, a leading youth charity, has found one in 10 young people feel they have no-one to turn to discuss their concerns.

The survey was taken by 1,000 18-25-year-olds and also revealed young people spend more than six hours a day feeling stressed or worried.

Reasons for this varied from money, appearance and career worries as well as fears about the future.

The stats emerged in a study by UK Youth to launch its #KeepMeSafe campaign, which calls on all organisations working with young people to Stop what they’re doing, Look at their safeguarding policies, Listen to young people and take action during National Safeguarding Month.

A spokesperson for UK Youth said: “It’s concerning to see just how long young people spend feeling worried or stressed and how many of them have to go through these issues alone, without anyone to turn to for advice and guidance.

“Despite living in our ever-connected world, young people need safe spaces more than ever. For many, their local youth club is the only place that provides them with a trusted adult to confide in and access to the advice, support and guidance needed to feel safe and build bright futures.

“But to stop young people feeling worried or stressed in a society where issues of grooming, online peer pressure, extremism and hate crimes are rising, many youth services need to be supported with additional safeguarding resources and training to #KeepMeSafe.”