For most seven-year-olds, Sundays might consist of playing in the garden, watching some TV or completing last-minute homework before going back to school.

But Poppy Twigg, from Chirk, decided to spend her Sunday tidying up her town.

The Ysgol Y Waun pupil regularly takes her dog for walks around Chirk with her grandmother, Andrea Twigg, but felt there was too much litter left lying around the area – so she decided to take matters into her own hands.

"We were walking from Cadbury's field along the 3A's one day and Poppy said to me: 'Grandma, it's disgusting,'" said Andrea.

"She asked me 'why don't people put their rubbish in the bin?' and I didn't know what to say.

"So Poppy requested we did a litter pick, and like most seven-year-olds she kept asking, so we decided to go out on a Sunday – luckily the weather was nice."

The pair spent two hours picking up litter and among the rubbish, came across football boots, old cans of pop and packets of crisps dating back to 2016.

"It was quite hard-going, and it just goes to show how little the area had been cleaned up," continued Andrea.

"But Poppy was very enthusiastic the whole time we were out, and enjoyed using her 'pick-me-upper' along the walk."

The seven-year-old's efforts have been the talk of the town, and she has received high praise from her teachers in school.

Poppy was also a hit on social media, with her litter picking battle receiving over 350 likes on Facebook after her dad, Luke Twigg posted pictures.

"She's loved the attention, and I'm very proud of her," said Luke.

Andrea continued: "She now hopes to introduce more litter picking in school and her next mission is from the Co-op store on Holyhead Road to Maes-Y-Waun.

"Poppy just loves doing things for other people. Eventually she'll want to tidy up the whole of Chirk!"