The WIN for Wigan Athletic over Manchester City and Rochdale's last-gasp draw with Tottenham Hotspur says to me that the magic of the FA Cup is still well and truly alive.

They were fantastic performances. You can say what you want that City had 70 per cent of the ball but it doesn't matter about that.

The end result was Wigan beat Manchester City, the best team in Europe at the moment who put a strong team out.

You take your hat off to Wigan no matter how they set up and it's fantastic to a manager like Paul Cook who has been at a lower level and earned his stripes. I was really pleased for them.

It wasn't great to see the fans at the end which could have soured the result overall. But for a third tier club to go and beat Manchester City must have been a brilliant feeling.

The question was posed the other day; was last Monday night's win over City better than their 2013 cup final win against them?

If you compare them, you'd have to say the other night because they put out a team that was managed by Pep Guardiola and have some of the best players on the planet. The Latics have come down the leagues recently but they won’t be worrying about Southampton, who are on the decline.

Rochdale on the other hand got their result against Spurs by going out and playing the type of football they do. They'd just had their pitch re-laid but weeks before, they didn't even want to play at home it was that bad.

They enjoyed playing away because the pitches were better, so to get it re-laid and play like that is brilliant.

They went ahead and then be behind with only a few minutes left and grab an equaliser, then it's another fairytale story isn't it?

I was listening to one of the Rochdale players talking on the radio the day after the game talking about how proud he was.

This was a journeyman lower league player who'd been around the clubs and now he was getting the chance to go play at Wembley, have his family there watching him.

This is what dreams are made of – not everyone makes it to the top level in football but along the way you can ride the wave and be a part of it.