I HAVE a lot of sympathy for my predecessor Craig Harrison after the news last week that he lost his job at Hartlepool United.

I text him when I heard the news. If you've spent five or six years in a profession where you spend more time there and with people than you do your family, then you've got to have certain feelings and emotions for the people you were with.

That goes without saying. He did enough in his time at TNS to be earn himself the chance at another club. I think he waited for the right one to come along and he obviously thought it was the right deal.

But when after a while it became clear he didn't get all the facts about the club – the budget and how it's run – then you're facing an uphill battle.

It's sad to see because no-one gets a chance in football anymore. As for his future, I think he can put himself straight back out there.

He could be a good number two somewhere higher up; if a club manager needs someone with a great level of experience and knowledge, then he would be a good choice.

But he can be that number one figure too, which is what he's used to but at what level, I don't know.

Football is a strange game. In a few months, a position might become available but the sport is very much a waiting game.

But it might also be one where he gets an opportunity in a few weeks and he has to pick himself up again. I don't know.

I'll be speaking to him in the next week or two but I'm very sure he won't be too long without a few offers.