D&G Properties have got Oswestry covered with a splash of colour.

People in the town were pleasantly surprised to find an alleyway off Bailey Street brightened up with rows of colourful umbrellas today.

Courtesy of D&G Properties, the bright parasols were hung early this morning and have caused quite a stir with the people of Oswestry, who have visited the colourful alleyway to admire the view.

Glenys Smith, Owner of D&G Properties, said: "Aren't they fun!

"I'm very pleased with them, and I'm even more pleased they are causing a stir in the town, especially on such a lovely day.

"The umbrellas cheer the passageway up in such a nice way.

"We won at Oswestry in Bloom last year for our flower display, and after that we had our Christmas decorations. But it's a long time in between the two so we thought it would be nice to hang up something up - maybe as a sign of spring."

So whether rain or shine this weekend, you can be sure Bailey Street will keep you covered.