A bus service in Llanfyllin has been saved.

Tanat Valley and Powys County Council will continue the 72 route which connects the town with Oswestry every morning and afternoon.

But as well as bringing students to Llanfyllin High School from inside and outside the catchment area, it will now be used to transport residents from Llanfyllin to Oswestry.

Cllr Peter Lewis said it is really good news for the whole community as it will make attending the high school "more affordable for parents", as well as saving the bus route.

He continued: "It isn't a signed deal yet but it is very positive.

"It will help parents because it will be more affordable to bring out of catchment pupils to the school, but also maintaining a rural bus service."

The 72 service was put under threat last year because of Powys County Council's 'Regulation 5.2' which prevents schools from using delegated funding to pay for home to school transport.

It was due to be cut in July 2018.

Cllr Lewis thanked Nick Culliford from Tanat Valley for his efforts in restoring the route.

He also revealed it is a model that could soon be rolled out across Powys because of its cost savings.

Cllr Lewis continued: "Powys County Council really likes this model and it has to be good as the bus is going to be transporting people rather than going back to the depot after doing the school run.

"The route had 28,000 passenger journeys and we could have lost that, but now they want to duplicate this."

"It's very good news. We have has so many knocks that it's good to have some good news."