Hope House recently held its annual training event at North Shropshire College (NSC).

The event at the Oswestry Campus was organised by Diane Hobday-Holme, Head of Care at Hope House, and ran for two full weeks.

Staff training, interactive workshops and team-building took place in the conference and board rooms at the campus, while guest speakers ran a number of sessions and a full staff briefing was held on the last day of training.

Penny Hardy, business development assistant at NSC, who liaised with Hope House and organised facilities for the event, said: “We were delighted to be asked to host Hope House’s staff training for the second year. This really demonstrates how highly regarded our facilities are by outside organisations.

"The event was a huge success and staff were very complimentary about our rooms and facilities. We’re very much looking forward to continuing this partnership in the coming years.”

Diane added: “We would like to thank North Shropshire College for the use of their facilities. The staff thoroughly enjoyed the training weeks and being off-site.”